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our passion for your success

Glacier serves customers of varying industries and sizes, but one thing remains the same, and that is the passion we have for your success!

We deliver premium quality custom logo design, custom website design, SEO, graphic design, and custom marketing solutions based on your needs and budget. We consult with every client, to determine their specific needs for success, as there is never one solution for everyone. We love what we do, and that passion comes out in every project we take on. Go ahead and let us help you rise to the top!


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over 20 years of experience

Utilize our experience to create your success.

We have been marketing for businesses since 1996, including devising and orchestrating marketing plans, media buys, ad copy and production, campaigns and also promotions. The foundation of our experience is Radio, where we have produced award winning ad copy and production. Glacier can bring you expert consulting and placement in Radio, T.V., Paper, Outdoor, Mobile Marketing and other advertising mediums, as well as provide voice over work for any application.

We have been doing graphic design since 1985, and have, created award winning logos, web sites, posters, stationary systems, signage and brochures for large and small clients across a variety of industries. With over 17 years of direct work experience in the print industry, we have the knowledge and understanding to design whatever form of print related material you may need, from labels, and CD-Roms, to book covers, posters, apparel, magazines, large format billboards and display booths.


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everything but the kitchen sink

We are a full service design and marketing company, and feel that when creativity and great design are combined, there are no limitations to what we can do.

Our process begins and ends with understanding the culture of our clients. We combine our experience, and your dreams to come up with innovative design and marketing ideas that are both effective and affordable. The following is a list of how we do what we do.


Your Brand is everything. How are we going to make the emotional connection between the customer and your business? How will we create an identity/image/perception of your business and what will that perception be? We facilitate this process through client consultations, creative brainstorm sessions, and other such techniques. Branding is the critical Creative process that determines the direction of your business’s image and sets the tone for your Creative designs.


The creative design process focuses primarily on taking your dreams and turning them into reality. A business is a culmination of years of hard work, and your design should do its part in making your business successful. We will create designs that are not only visually stimulating, but effective in making you look like you have been around for years as an industry leader.


Programming creates the intelligent mind for your web based solutions. Our in-house development staff engages in all planning, workflow creation and module creation for your application. Our programming team will take your custom designed website, and implement each and every function,  followed by extensive quality assurance and beta testing procedures.


Attention to Usability makes all the difference. Our team of designers ensure that your website is able to be understood at a glance, that content is able to easily read, that products can be immediately identified and selected, and that the visitor is always presented with an easily navigable structure or information. Glaciers web team will go the extra mile to ensure that your website is ultimately intuitive.

Quality Assurance

Glacier’s Quality Assurance is a complete project testing procedure that assesses the stability, security and reliability of the application and ensures proper functionality across all levels of use. Once the web application has been fully tested by our Quality Assurance Team, the application will then be opened to Beta Testing – a period where the site becomes available to a select group of users.


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award winning design and marketing

We feel that it is our affordable award winning logo design and web design, that sets us apart from the competition. Not only can we make you look better than your competetors, but we can do it according to your budget!

In-House American Graphic Design Awards 2009
American Graphic Design Web Awards 2009
American Graphic Design Awards 2008
AIGA 100 Show 2008
American Graphic Design Awards 2007
Suzuki National Marketing Award 2006

Check back soon, more awards are coming!